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March two, 2015 by Sámás Muinna - Sámásta Mujna - Saemesth Munnjien Mu identitehtaváttisvuođat Mon lean álo gohčodan iežan sápmelažžan. Mon in leat norggalaš, inge ruohalaš, mon lean duššefal okta diŋga, ja dat lea sápmelaš.

Superior luck with this particular difficulty and it relates to anything when you cant walk down Chatham Superior Street and just take a picture any more. What has the world arrive at?

(a) a pertinent mounted penalty offence to the applications of any powers exercisable via the accredited person by virtue of paragraph one; or

This is a disgrace we now have such badly skilled bully boys (and women) wandering all over with their radios just trying to annoy their buyers. In the meantime the true criminals go totally free courtesy of our failed felony justice method.

When the public are terrorised via the law enforcement (who are community servants paid out by the public to perform their lawful duties), the police have become the terrorists.

Ok, China may be, and doubtless is, worse – I’ll choose your phrase for it – but that’s not the point – we’re chatting twenty first Century United kingdom right here and the erosion of rights which puts us on the slippery slope that could lead towards in which China is.

Thank you for submitting this; I hope you get a complete apology and people involved with this deplorable indecent are possibly sacked or despatched for re-training.

I’m a fan of variable details utilization fees, when bandwitdh caps will have to exist. If Rogers wishes to cost for bandwidth it shouldn’t be $1.50/Gb in excess of Everything you pay for, it should be $5 for every 20Gb over and above your First allotment, removing the need for customers to pick in advance whenever they need to have twenty+Gb extra on a monthly basis, and eliminates the agonizing $50 overage cost some shoppers might deal with in a month of large utilization.

I realize this seems like a good deal much more lousy than excellent, but even with every one of these troubles, the video remains much better than you will get from a normal--or even earlier mentioned average--smartphone. No less than at this check here time.

You should don’t get also focused on the shoes bit – it’s the entire abuse of police powers and public humiliation which is the problem. Deal with a person (small albeit aggravating) place so you make it possible for them to quibble over what precisely is allowed (footwear off verses experience across the tops of sneakers) and go on an overlook the broader situation.

Would it not not be the case which the officers in concern are actually open up to rates of illegal arrest and assault?

I loath how we’ve provided up our independence so easily to aid the hunt for terrorists. People new rules now in turn are getting used to stifle the really freedoms we as individuals have been blessed with, and our grandfathers fought to retain.

That’s Totally ludicrous, not to mention appalling conduct by a servant of the public. I cringe to Assume if that sort of conduct spreads to our facet with the ocean (it's, in many instances) but nowhere in close proximity to as prevalent as It appears in the UK.

På norsk: Innlegget handler om Ánná Káisás nasjonaldagsfeiring; om hennes “lazy eye” og hvor rørt hun blir av små samebarn og samefolkets sang.

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